News from ACxDC

Here you can listen to a track from the upcoming ACxDC 7″ split with DISPARO out on HERE AND NOW! RECORDS.
Surely it will be pressed before the European ACxDC tour
Stay tuned.

Shoot First, by ACxDC

LIFES / SUFFERING MIND SPLIT is coming in few days

Hello buddies!
Some cool news:

SUFFERING MIND / LIFES 7” are going to be shipped to me in few day.
First copies ordered comes with a poster.
Only few limited copies available.
Take your before it’s too late!!!

From now to 10th august ALL HERE AND NOW! past releases cost 25% less.
All the order after this period will be at full price

Distro has been updated and there’s a now discount list with some 7” at 2,50€

Some new 7” are coming in few weeks: Le.a.r.n., Tear Me Down, ¼ Morto, All Out War, Wisdom In Chains, Looking For An Answer, Get Destroyed, Antillectual, Strength Approach…

I think it’s enough for now!!!!!

foto di Here And Now Records.