For any information about HERE AND NOW! records releases, distro or wholesale list, write at:
stillburns_pdhc [at] hotmail [dot] com

DON’T ask for my personal address to send me demos, please send me a mail before with one or two mp3 attached. Save your money and some trees too.

HERE AND NOW! records is a DIY label, I’m sorry but I can’t release too many records at the same time. I’m mostly interested in powerviolence / fast / skate / thrash / oldschool hardcore. If your band sounds too different from that kinds of music, probably this is not the label you’re looking for.

HERE AND NOW! records is NOT a booking agency. I just plan few shows.

HERE AND NOW! records supports a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle.

Mail: stillburns_pdhc [at] hotmail [dot] com


2 thoughts on “CONTACTS

  1. Hi,dont’ know if is the right place to write or the : stillburn…, but this is our stuff wer’e from Canada this the past stuff we made , wer’e planning to put it on tape(maybe you can help or not) and working on new songs too, the genre is a mix thrash/punk-hc/pv., cheers


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