I usually don’t book shows. This is not a booking agency. You can try to ask me if I can do it but probably the answer is no. I’m more focused in supporting bands going to the shows and releasing some records.

Bands booked in the past:
Coke Bust (USA), ACxDC (USA), Clearview (BRA), White Stain (SVN), Implore (DE) Los Caidos (ARG), Shitake (DE), Backside (FR), Citizen Patrol (NL), Negative Standards (USA), Bacchus (IRL), Nebucadnezza (ENG), No Omega (SE), Gerk (ARG), Sick Terror (BRA), Spirits (USA), Give (USA), Final Effort (DE), Bitter Verses (DE), DisXparo (AU) Eat You Alive, Double Me, La Prospettiva, Danny Trejo, Lyon Estates, Antitest, The Smashrooms, Attrito, Pastenesoppaltate, Affluente, Tear Me Down, Repulsione, Arkanoise, Antisexy, Slaugther In The Vatican, Ugly Face, Still Burns, Last Days Of A Kamikaze, Carlos Dunga, Grumo, Burst Up, Crash Box, Minkions, Disintegrate You Bastard, ED, Alone, The Guilt Show, To The Embers, 400 Colpi, Twisthead, Gold Kids, Th5-0, Face Your Enemy, My Own Voice, Deep Throat, Suppurated, Crop Circles, Whrauth, Ikore, Sposa In Alto Mare, Dressed Farts, Cioran, Fuser, xPusx, Kill The Klown, Reset Clan, Mice Cores, Semenzara, Zeromila, Armenta, Have It All, xKatexMoshx, Culto Del Cargo, Hobos, Betryal Must Die, Iato, RCS, Holy, Vetro, Blame It To The Ocean, Slander, Attempts, Corporation Of Consumption, Storm{o}, Discomfort, Hittin Random, Cibo, HanxSolo, No Confidence, Congegno, Charge Attack…


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